Friday, May 23, 2008

My First Blog

So - in the spirit of staying in touch with everyone and staying active with the written word - I decided to start a blog. Now - I know that blogging has been around for a good while. But - I have finally surrendered to it after my friend Felice sent me her blog and now my friend Janis sent me hers. So - Now I have to do one - right?

Anyway - it is the start of Memorial Day Weekend and we have no plans. Or maybe I should say - I don't have plans. But - Brian has big plans. He has to paint Maddie's new room. So - he has a chore for the weekend and I have no major plans except to keep Maddie out of the way.

Oh - I think I am going to the Farmer's Market to stock up on veggies with Felice. Besides blogging - that is my other new resolution for the summer - to eat better!


Debbie said...

What's the room look like and the furniture?

Put those pictures on, too.

Isn't technology amazing?

Love and hugs,
Debbie or Aunt Debbie, or Great Aunt Debbie LOL

Debbie said...

Hi Bridget,

Only the last half of my blog got on.

I love your site. I haven't blogged either. Where does that word come from?

I love the pictures of Maddie.

Well, you've already read the rest of my blog.