Monday, June 30, 2008

Carefree on the sidewalks

It seems like everyone around here is very carefree. But - I guess if you are at the ocean in a summer seaside town - then you should be carefree.

Everywhere you look there are kids and moms and dads riding bikes, jogging, walking, or doing some sort of exercise on the streets of Avalon. The cool thing is that there are an endless array of sidewalks. I love that. They are wide sidewalks and you feel very safe on them and everything feels so family-like.

I think as Maddie and Baby Graber get older and if we keep returning here - we might have to bring bikes down here and start riding. I want to be part of the fun too!

Weather report for Monday - Muggy and hot in the morning. A little bit breezier and cool in the afternoon. A perfect summer day...

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