Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We have it down to a science

We had our shopping trip last night. I have to say that we have it down to a science. All 5 of us girls met with our lists, our coupons and we were off. We met at 5:30 and 2.5 hours later we had all the dry goods and all the meat for our vacation week. And I am proud to say that we spent ONLY $47 per couple. Considering the amount of stuff we bought - that is VERY good. We bought all the chips, cookies, kid food, condiments, and meat for a full week. Now mind you - that includes food for 5 hungry men and 7 energetic children, 3 pregnant women and 2 non-pregnant women/party-going girls!

Of course there are many more things to buy once we get there. Those things include fruit, veggies, drinks and cold cuts. However - I think we put a big dent in the shopping list.

Anyway - I felt very proud of us as we went aisle by aisle with our carefully thought-out list. We had met weeks ago to vacation plan and we came up with all the meals that we were going to eat for the week. (This is no easy feat considering everyone likes different things and we have 1 non-meat eater in the group.) However - we did it and each year it gets easier and easier. Our list gets perfected and enhanced each year. I am considering writing a book about how to vacation with other families. We could even document it by video and tell people the do's and don'ts.

For instance:

Do give everyone their space.
Don't expect to do everything at the same time with everyone else.
Do venture off and have some family alone time.
Don't be offended if someone wants to do something different.

Anyway - I always get these fantasies for writing a book and it never happens. Last year Felice and I jokingly talked about writing a book on something and now I can't even remember what the subject was! Ha. Anyway - this vacation book would be fabulous. I know it. People would be writing to us and want our advice and we would be the fab five vacation girls...

Okay - now I need to stop writing because I am getting carried away with my nutty thoughts.
Happy Wednesday!

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Cortney said...

Have a wonderful time on vacation! Now that you have most of the shopping out of the way you can kick back and relax!!