Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Daily Routine

At the beach we seem to fall into a daily routine. It usually starts by waking up, eating breakfast and most of us are at the beach by 10 AM. I can usually last 2 hours before nature calls and I need to head back up to the house for a potty break and for lunch!

So we eat lunch and the Maddie goes down for a nap. While the kids nap, the girls hang out by the pool. The boys go back down to the beach and do whatever it is that boys do at the beach. I think they play wiffle ball. bocce, or body surf. Not sure. I never return to the beach in the afternoon. I guess you could call me a morning beach girl.

Eventually the boys return and then it is shower time and preparation for dinner begins. The evening usually ends with a stroll down to the beach. Tonight we actually went to a movie on the beach. It was really fun but a bit chilly.

We have had perfect weather so far. Thank goodness. I can't imagine 10 adults and 7 children inside all day if it was raining!
Tomorrow it is Brian's birthday and the boys are playing golf. The girls may go to the zoo with the kids. We shall see.

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