Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Entering the world of dance

Janis and I signed the girls up for dance. It is a program that is only for 4 four weeks over the summer and it is good because it will enable us to see if they like it before you actually sign them up for the entire year.

Yes - you read right. One year.

Apparently when you sign your daughter up for dance lessons - you have to do it in September. And then it runs through May. There is a monthly tuition and class is once a week.

I briefly wondered what happens if you don't know that you have to sign them up in September. For instance, what if November rolled around and Maddie was begging me to take dance? Then I guess I would be rejected? Turned away? My daughter would have missed the deadline and we would have to wait until the following September? Oh the horror.

But - alas. I guess I don't have to worry about that since I know that I have to sign her up by September if I want her to be a world-class ballet/jazz/tap dancer.

So - anyway. Back to my original point. We signed the girls up for dance. With this comes the fact that Maddie must have ballet slippers, tap shoes and a leotard. Of course, the kind lady at the dance studio said that it is much more casual for the summer program and if my daughter doesn't have a leotard - then she can wear shorts and a tank top. However, wouldn't I be a bad mommy if we showed up for class and all the other girls had a leotard on and Maddie was wearing shorts? So - thanks to my good friend Monique - Maddie now has a leotard that her friend Isabella wore last year. I figured I would go buy new leotards if I actually sign her up for the year-long class in September. But for now - for only 4 classes - Bella's leotard will work perfectly, thank you very much. Monique also let me borrow tap shoes. So - that leaves me with ballet slippers to buy. We will be going out tonight to purchase those.

Which leads me to my next point. I don't understand much about the leotard logistics. I had to ask Monique the following questions: Do the kids wear underwear under the leotard? Or is it like a bathing suit? Do they wear tights? Or do they go with bare legs? If they have bare legs then - how do they wear the tap shoes? So - I guess they need tights. I just answered my own question.

This leads me to another issue. When you sign your daughter up for dance in September - you have to put a deposit down for the costume. Oh - did I forget to mention the most important part? At the end of the dance year- in May - there is a recital and all the kids have to wear a cute little costume. So -back to the costume. The girls get measured for this adorable little costume. And of course the obvious question for me - is what happens if my oh-so-picky daughter decides mid-year that she hates dance and absolutely refuses to participate in any sort of recital? Then - I paid for a costume that she is not going to use? Mmmmm. I don't like that.

Anyway - I guess I have officially entered the world of dance. It is learn as you go. For Maddie and for Mommy!

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