Friday, April 24, 2009

No more dancing!

I have to admit something. I will be very happy when ballet is over. Very happy indeed. I am over it. Ready for it to end. Done. Finito. Did I mention that I want it to end? Now. Right now.

How come?

Well, let me tell you. My daughter is hit or miss when it comes to ballet. Some Saturdays are good ones and there are no issues. Other Saturdays are a bit more delicate. More annoying. More frustrating. These are the Saturdays where Maddie refuses to particpate for a little while. She stands there with her thumb in her mouth and pouts. These are the Saturdays where I have tried not to cry out of frustration. These are the Saturdays that I want to pull my hair out. I have tried everything. Ignoring her. Bribing her. Being mad at her. It doesn't work. She is just going to do what she wants to do and it has become a power struggle.

Recently she has told me she doesn't like ballet anymore and doesn't want to go inside and dance. Okay. That's fine. Not everyone likes ballet. Not everyone likes to dance. However, I have paid for the costume. Ha. That is a whole other issue. The lovely costume. The pink and black frilly, fru-fru, glittery, CHEESY costume. The costume that cost $46. The costume that she will wear to the recital in June. I am okay with her not wanting to dance again. However, I am strict about finishing what we started. We have done dance since September, knowing full well that the recital was the culmination of this ballet thing. So - now that we have invested this much time in the dance stuff and paid for the lovely costume, I am determined to finish the last few months.

However, I will breathe a sigh of relief when the recital comes and goes and ballet is over. Done. Finished. Then it's on to trying something else. What will that be? Maybe Tae Kwon Do? Tumbling? Gymnastics? Something else. But no more dance for us. No more.

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