Wednesday, February 10, 2010

City Water

The topic of city water has been a subject of conversation at the Graber household. Right now, we have well water. We have the option to hook up to city water. The hook-up is right on the edge or our front lawn. Seems so easy. But not really.

The piping has to go from the hook-up, all the way to the back of our house. Supposedly the rule is that we are supposed to use copper piping. However, if it's more than 150 feet, then we can use non-copper piping that is a lot cheaper. After the water is hooked up, the work is not done. Then we need to get a plumber to do the inside work.

All of this is very expensive. I won't even tell you the price. But - trust me. It's pricey. Since we moved in, we haven't had any issue with our well water. In fact, I even drink the water from our tap. It's quite tasty. We had it tested and there are no major issues with it. Everything was fine.

That is - until about a month ago. All of a sudden, this mysterious "stuff" started appearing in our toliets. I guess I will call it sediment. It formed a ring around the toliet and it made it look like I hadn't cleaned the toliet in months. I would scrub the toliet and then it would appear again within hours. We called a few well professionals. One told us we needed a chlorination system that would cost $1300. Another guy tested our water and told us that it was very good for well water. He told us we would need a filter on the well which would cost $250.

So far we haven't done anything. I mean - why spend any money on the well if we are going to hook up to city water? Right? The problem is that we can't hook up to city water until the spring. The other problem is that our basement is finished so Brian is concerned about where they will put meter and he thinks it will be a big production to do it.

Anyway - what to do? What to do? In the meatime, I just keep scrubbing the toliets. I swear - they have never been so clean.

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