Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Future Plans

In the past few weeks, Maddie has informed me of her future plans. I thought you would want to know what this entails. Keep in mind - these are her thoughts - straight from her mouth.

1. She plans to marry Kevin-the 5-year old boy in her pre-K class.
2. She plans to be a mommy.
3. Scratch that. She wanted to be a mommy last week. This week she told me that being a mommy is boring.
4. Instead, she wants to be a cheerleader.
5. She wants to be beautiful so Kevin will marry her.
6. She will be a big girl once she rides the bus and goes to kindergarten and she won't be a little kid anymore.
7. She plans to be a princess and fly like Tinkerbell

And that's it. For now. I am sure all of these future plans will change within the week.

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