Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Book Review - "Embracing Your Second Calling"

It's time for another book review. This time I read, "Embracing Your Second Calling" by Dale Hanson Bourke.

This book affirms that midlife is a time for reflection, along with a time for action. The author challenges women to respond to their specific "calling" and offers ideas for finding new meaning.

With encouragement and personal stories, Bourke provides humor, wit and insight into the worries that women carry with them in their lives. She reminds us that as women grow older, we also grow wiser, and we have a new outlook on life. The framework for Bourke's book is based on the Book of Ruth in the Bible. Bourke uses this, along with her own life experience as a way to generate hope for her readers.

I would recommed this book to women who are entering middle age. I found this to be a thought-provoking book, full of reminders to re-evaluate what is important as you continue to journey through life.

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