Sunday, August 15, 2010


After the kids went to bed tonight, Brian and I spent a couple hours and organized the playroom. It had to be done. It all stemmed from the fact that Brian's aunt gave us a hand-me-down doll house, and a TON of kitchen play food, and dishes.

So now we have not ONE - but TWO dollhouses. Pretty soon we can have a neighborhood. Anyway - we really had no where else to put this second doll house - so the only logical thing to do was to purge and organize.

The first step was purchasing an organizational shelf. The next step was grouping like-items. All the kitchen stuff. All the Barbies. All the puzzles. And on, and on. And that's what we did. By the end, we had a box of plastic stuff to recycle, a big bag of garbage and an organized playroom!

Ahhh. I love that.

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