Friday, March 11, 2011

The twelve-miler

My longest training run was scheduled for this weekend. The plan called for 12.5 miles. Of course, this run happens to fall on they busiest weekend that I have had in a long time. Besides the normal weekend activities like Maddie's dance class and religion class - we also have dinner plans tomorrow night and then we are going to see the Lion King! Woo Hoo! Can't wait.

Then on Sunday, we are going to dinner with my parents and then to an Irish Show at the Egg. Wow. Two nights of theatre in one weekend. That doesn't happen very often!

Anyway - my point - is - when the heck was I going to find time to run 12 miles? Brian had already informed me that he wanted to get to the gym and it's consignment sale time - which means I have to drop off my items. Ye gads. Too much going on in one weekend. How was I going to squeeze in 12 miles?

So - I came up with a great idea. Why not run the 12 miles tonight??? As in - Friday night! I convinced my running buddy - Janis - that we needed to run TONIGHT. It was a nice day - so we could have a nice evening run. Then our run would be over and that would be one thing off my list for the weekend. She agreed and we started our run around 6 PM.

We ran for about 2 miles in daylight and then it started getting dark. The run was much better than our miserable 11 miler last weekend. The first 5 miles flew by relatively quickly. I was relieved about that. Things got a little tough when we hit mile 8 and 9. By mile 10, my legs were screaming at me. And let's not talk about mile 11. Let's just leave it that I am hobbling around right now.

The good news is that I did it. It tooks us 2 hours and 17 minutes. But we did it. And now I know I can run the 13.1. The other good news is that was my longest run. Now it's time to taper. The runs get shorter from here on out. And I am very happy about that. And now I am going to go stretch my sore legs and go to bed.

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The Happy Runner said...


Enjoy it, you've earned it. You can totally run the 13.1!