Thursday, July 7, 2011


Yes - the Boilermaker is this Sunday. - As in - 3 days away. Am I ready?
Ummmm. I am not really sure. It's going to be hot. Luckily the race starts at 8 AM. And from what I hear, there is little humidity in the forecast. So I think it should be okay.

The plan - Felice and I are heading out around 4:30 AM to drive to Utica. Yes. It's early. I am trying not to think like it's the middle of the night. Let's think of it as the crack of dawn.

We will find parking, meet up with Elisa, get our race packets and then run 9.3 miles. In my case, I might be walking up the hills. But it's all good. If I have to walk - I walk. No biggie. Then we will finish the race, eat drink and drive home.

My personal goal is to finish in 90 minutes.

And that's that.

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