Monday, July 18, 2011


In the photo below you will see food. Mostly you will see boxes of cereal. You will also see paper towels, juice boxes and parmesan cheese. Keep in mind that I don't normally buy Fruit Loops. However, I am stocking up for vacation at the end of August and it seems that junky, sugary cereal is a favorite for kids, (and adults).

How much do you think this cost?

For - 7 boxes of cereal, Scott's Natural paper towels, granola bars, a pack of juice boxes and Kraft Parmesan cheese - I paid $27. That's pretty good considering cereal is uber expensive these days. And I only paid $3.99 for the paper towels thanks to a sale and a $2 coupon. The granola bars and juice boxes were free with the coupons for the cereals.

Anyway - I thought what I bought was a good deal. And let's just say - I am pretty much stocked up on cereal now.

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