Friday, August 5, 2011

It's been a ...week

Yes - it has been a long week.

It started last Sunday when Maddie had a fever that turned into a raging fever by bed time. Which then turned into her crying because "her hips were hurting her."

Mmmm. The fever lasted until Wednesday and even on Wednesday she was complaning of stomach pains. In between my entire district being in Albany for 2 days for a meeting, I juggled shuffling Maddie to the doctor and finding out that there was some kind of bacterial growth in her urine. Ewww. But, at least that explained the stomach pains.

Yes. So then I had to drive her back to the doctor so she could pee in the cup again and get a prescription for antibiotics. Yes. It has been a week.

Driving, meetings, doctors, oh my!

I am tired today. And oh yeah. I ran 7 miles today. It was not good. I ran by myself and I was dragging. And it was humid. Excuses, excuses.

Tomorrow we are having 10 people over for dinner. And it's supposed to rain. Darn it. Oh well. I guess I will just roll with it.

Hope your week was better than mine!

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Suzy said...

Bummed that your run didn't go well. Remember that we all have them. I hope the script is doing it's job and M is feeling better!