Monday, September 12, 2011

Final 2 weeks

We are in the final countdown to the half marathon in Schroon Lake. I feel like I have been training forever and ever. Yet - I feel kind of unprepared. I am not sure why I feel unprepared. My original plan was to run 13 miles twice - BEFORE the half. That never happened. Once again, the most I have run during training has been 12 miles.

I wanted to have 13 miles under my belt and be able to run it in my sleep. But - running 13 miles is still a little bit of a struggle. My big question now is will I beat my time from the last half? Can I run this half in less than 2:20?

Mmmm. We shall see. But for now, it's cut-back time. No more long runs. It's time to rest a bit. Ahhh. Kick back and enjoy the taper.

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Suzy said...

Go out there and do your best! You have done the training!! You are ready. PR or no, a half marathon is a long way to run and you can do it!