Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I feel naked

I had to send my Garmin back. Yes. My beloved Garmin that is my best friend when I run. It's my running watch and it tracks my pace and tells me my mileage. And now it's gone.

Basically it won't turn on. Yeah. It's kind of hard to use it when it won't turn on. At first I thought it was stuck. So I read some chat rooms and basically I found out that I had to hit a few buttons and that would "unstick" it. That worked. For a few days. The "on" button seemed back in action.

Then it got stuck again. And then it started doing something really funky. It would turn on for one second. And then it would go back off.

I was annoyed. After all, I have only had the watch since November. It's not even one year old. So - why was it doing this???

Long story short. I contacted Garmin and because it's less than on year old - they will replace it! The bad news is that I get a refurbished Garmin. But - the good news is that at least they are replacing it for free. So I had to send it back to Garmin International which happens to be in Kansas. They said it would take 10-14 days. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I get it back before the half marathon.

Meanwhile, I ran 3 miles today and I felt naked. I had nothing to look at. Nothing to press. Nothing to tell me my pace. I was a bit...lost.

Naked. Yup. Stripped bare. I miss my Garmin.

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