Friday, September 23, 2011


Surprisingly I am not a ball of nerves for my race on Sunday.

However, I just learned that it is supposed to be humid. That is not good. Nope. Not good at all. I don't like stickiness. And that makes me nervous.

My only saving grace is that the race is 90 miles north. So - perhaps there won't be any humidity? Maybe? Please?

The weather here in Albany is calling for 78. My race is at 10 AM. That means I won't be finished until 12:15. Mmmm. That means it will be hot while we are running since it will be mid-day. Lovely. The good news is that it is supposed to be partly cloudy. Hopefully we won't have the sun beating down on us.

Okay - so now I will probably start getting nervous. After all, today is Friday. The race is Sunday. Let the butterflies kick in!

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