Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I have made a decision. I am going to do it. Yes. Well, at least I am going to TRY and do it. I am going to run a marathon. Yup. In case you don't know - that's 26.2 miles. And yes. I am scared.  But - I have to give it a try. I mean- why not? I can't just run 13.1 and then stop there. I have to go all the way.

And don't get me wrong. This will not be a repeat occurrence. I can promise you that. I only want to do it once. And then I will cross it off my bucket list. And then it will be over. And that will be it.

The marathon that I will be running is called the New Jersey Marathon and it is on May 6th. I like it because it's entirely flat and it's along the ocean. I mean, if I have to run 26.2 miles - why not have it be along the beautiful coast? How pretty!

Right now, The Happy Runner - a.k.a - Felice will also be running it. And I am pretty sure that Janis will too. And possibly Elisa. And we are trying to get a few other friends to run the half. That's the great thing about this event - there is a half AND a full. So some people can do a half and some people can do the full and we will all be happy.

So - that's my news. Exciting - huh? I already have my marathon plan lined up and my training starts on January 15th.  In between now and then, I will just be running to run. I will take it easy but try to keep my mileage up a bit. And, oh yes - I will also be praying for an easy winter so my long runs can take place outside.

And that's that....

Have a great day and enjoy that gorgeous weather we are having.

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Suzy said...

Of course you'll do it and you'll do it wonderfully!! Next year is your year.