Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aidan's dentist appointment

Aidan had his first dentist appointment today. I remember when we took Maddie to her first appointment, I was a wreck that she would not behave. Overall she did fine. However, she refused to let them actually clean her teeth on the first visit. All she would do is let them count her teeth. I think she did that on the second visit too. It wasn't until the third time that she finally relaxed and now she actually LOVES going to the dentist. So - it's all good now.

For some reason, I did not have the same fear with Aidan. He is a different kid and I knew that he would behave perfectly for Dr. Jason. And I was right. He seemed a little nervous when we got into the room. But he listened to Dr. Jason and opened his mouth when told to. He even let the dentist clean his teeth and scrape some plaque off the bottom tooth. Aidan didn't make a peep and gave Dr. Jason a high five when he was done.

I was a happy mama.

I love when things go according to plan.

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Suzy said...

So glad the appointment went well. If it is the same Dr. Jason we see then I can understand why things went smoothly.