Friday, April 20, 2012

The outfit

I think I have decided on my marathon outfit. I have found the "one."
Yes. I have. It took a while. But I found it. And I like it. It's cute, and it's comfy. And I tested it out today on my 13 mile run. It felt good.

And it passed the ultimate test - it didn't ride up. It's a pink skirt with white trim. I found it at Marshall's. I am telling you - Marshall's has some great deals on running clothes.

Anyway - right now the plan is to wear it with a white tank. However, when I tested it out today, I wore it with a green tech shirt that had some pink in it - and it actually looked pretty good. You know -the pink and green. It worked.

 The good news was that the skirt felt light. It didn't bug me. In fact, I felt like I had nothing on. It was that comfortable.

 In case you are wondering - my 13.1 mile run went pretty well today. I ran it alone and I was okay with that. My only complaint was that it was hot outside! But I worked through it and my knee felt pretty good. And - that is good news.

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