Saturday, June 9, 2012

Arizona recap

I was in Arizona last week for work. Let me tell you - it was hot!
Like 100 degrees hot. Yes. That is pretty steamy. Imagine standing in front of an oven for a while. Yes. That's basically how 100 degree weather feels.

I arrived on Monday morning at 10 AM. I met up with some teammates and we checked in, and grabbed lunch, and then we hit the pool. Monday was just a travel day - so it was really nice to just kick back and relax all day after my long flight. That's the great thing about flying west - you gain 3 hours!

Me on the dance floor with some fellow Account Managers

The rest of the week was jam packed with sessions, team bonding, and even some dancing on Tuesday night.

I also had a massive allergy attack that started on Tuesday night. I woke up on Wednesday morning and I was sneezing, sniffling and my eyes were stinging. That continued all week.

And let me tell you about the food. Oh...the food. I ate my way through the week. There was a lot of food. And there was a snack shack which was basically was a little house that had any snack you could ever dream of. And don't even get me started on the Ben & Jerry's ice cream cart that was in there. Oh yes. Lots and lots of ice cream!

Michele and me at the top of "A" Mountain - which is the mountain
behind the hotel where the letter A is on the mountain for Arizona State University.

Despite all the eating, I managed to squeeze in some exercise. I took a Zumba class on Wednesday morning, and I hiked on Thursday morning. So - at least I managed to exercise during the busy week.

I am happy to be home. Although, it took me most of today to finally feel human again. That three hour time difference really kills me.

The 4 mile run this evening helped my foggy head also. Hope you have a great rest of the weekend!

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