Sunday, July 8, 2012

The little blue bench

Years and years ago, my grandfather gave me a bench.
The bench
At first, the bench was inside our first house. We had it in the family room and it fit the decor.

Then we moved to our current house and its new home was the front porch. It sat out there and it was just kind of "there." We didn't really sit on it a lot. It was just a place to put it. And, as you can see - it got kind of weathered looking.

I decided the bench needed a little TLC. So, I sanded it down. And then I primed it. And then I painted it so it would match our front door.

And here is the result:

How cute! Right? We needed a pop of color on the porch I think I achieved it.

It's amazing what a little color can do!

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