Sunday, November 18, 2012

Keep your receipts

I have a problem. I buy things. And then I get them home. Then I decide that I don't need the items in the first place. And I return most everything I buy.

I do this with clothing. I do it with stuff for the house. I do it with stuff for the kids. I do it with most everything. In fact, I even have done it with food. Yup. I have.

That's why I keep my receipts. Because I am a returner. I am not sure if I get a thrill of buying stuff, or more of a thrill from returning it. So it's like a cycle. I go shopping. I buy stuff.  And I get the crap stuff home, and I feel like I really don't need it. So then I return it. And let me tell you - I get a thrill from returning it!

So the good news is that I am not spending a ton of money. The bad news is that I probably waste a lot of time and gas returning the stuff! But, as long as I get my little thrill - I say it's all good.

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