Sunday, November 4, 2012


Yesterday we had a surprise baby shower for Janis. And we managed to actually surprise her! She had NO idea.

We couldn't have done it without Chet's help. We had a whole plan on how to get her to Felice's house. And the plan actually worked! The best part about the night was that her mom was there! She flew in yesterday from Texas and she was at the shower to surprise Janis.

Janis and her mom
The whole thing couldn't have gone better.  I have never pulled off a surprise like that for anyone. It was so much fun! My partners in crime included Stacey and Felice. We planned the shower together and I think it was a lovely evening.

All of us before Janis arrived

Instead of traditional gifts, everyone brought diapers and a gift certificate to a local restaurant. That way Janis will have diapers for the babies and gift certificates for take out for dinner during those first few weeks when they are getting adjusted.

Today I am having shower let-down.  I am so glad it all worked out  how it was supposed to!


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