Friday, April 12, 2013

My race thoughts and goals

This weekend I am headed to New York City for the More Half Marathon in Central Park.
I am super excited. I will be heading down to the city with Elisa and Felice, and we leave first thing in the morning.

Considering I was sidelined for most of January and February, I think that my training went pretty well. I did a good job of getting my mileage back up. And I did it quickly. I guess that just goes to show you that the long mileage comes back - even after a two-month set-back. It didn't take long to get back in the swing of things, and for that, I am happy.

I was able to increase my mileage from 6 to 8 to 10 in a matter of three weeks. And the best part was that I felt strong.

Am I a little worried that I haven't done 11 or 12 miles before this half? Nah. I have run enough half marathons now to know that I got this. (As long as my knee doesn't do anything funky.)

So anyway, I feel ready for this race. Am I trying to PR? No. I just want to go and run and enjoy myself. After all, it's not everyday that I get to run in Central Park in New York City. I just want to soak it in and enjoy the moment.

Having said that, I guess I should have some goals. And here they are:

My main goal is to finish the race with no knee pain.

As far as timing goes - here are the goals:
A. 2:05
B. 2:10
C. 2:15

I do not think that I will reach the A goal. After all, I ran 2:05 in October during a very flat half. The race on Sunday is hilly. I think that 2:10 could be possible depending on how much I push myself up the hills. And if I walk a lot, then I will settle for 2:15.

And that's that. Have a great weekend. And good luck to all those Boston marathoners out there. I will be tracking you all on Monday. (I happen to know three people running it - so it will be exciting to see how it goes!)

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