Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My new table

We needed a new table. We have needed one for the past two years.

The problem was that we didn't really "NEED" it. I mean the one we had worked fine. It was a table. It had four legs. It was somewhat sturdy and durable. It worked.

But, I hated it. The cushions on the chairs had been changed a few times - thanks to my handy dandy skills and some help from Janis. Because they had been changed out so much - they were a bit wobbly and the screws were constantly falling out. There had been more milk spilled on the cushions than I care to admit. And let's not even talk about how often my kids used the chair cushions to wipe their greasy hands (instead of a napkin).

And there were some gouges on the top of the table from my beastly children who are like animals and destruct things just by looking at them. Let's just say the table had seen better days.

Yeah. But did we really need to go spend $1000 or more on a table and chairs? No. I guess not.
So, I lived with the table. And I cursed it. Everyday. It was like an eyesore to me.

Meanwhile, I started scouring Craigslist. There are tons and tons of tables on Craigslist. The problem is that a lot of the tables that are for sale are hideous. And out of date. And totally horrific. Once in a while there will be a really nice table posted. But - then you have to jump on it. The good tables are in high demand! And it had to be the right price. And it had to fit our style.

When I tell you that I stalked Craigslist - I really mean it. I stalked it daily, Sometimes a few times a day.

And then I found it. Yup. And I pounced on it. My criteria was that the chairs had to be all wood. No more fabric! And I wanted something with black in it. We have black accents in our kitchen - so I figured black furniture would look good with our kitchen and complement the colors on the walls.

So, I happened upon this...

The problem was that it was located 1 hour away. And I wasn't totally sure it would fit in my car. I knew the table would fit. But I wasn't sure about all of the chairs. And what if I drove one hour away and I didn't end up liking it when I saw it in person?  But, I decided to take a chance.

I am happy to report that it all worked out. Everything fit in the car. I loved the table. I loved the chairs.

And it works perfectly in our house! The best part? I paid $250 for the entire set. Yup. You can't beat that. That's the beauty of Craigslist! And I currently have the old table on Craigslist and have multiple people who are interested in it.

Ahhhh. The beauty of re-using and recycling. Who says you need to go and buy brand new to have nice quality furniture? Sometimes it just takes a little determination.

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