Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer fun and summer plans

It's the first day of summer over here, and we have had some exciting pre-summer events over here in the Graber household...

Aidan graduated from PreK, and then within the same hour was whisked off to kindergarten orientation. From Pre-K to kindergarten in 60 minutes!  Apparently that's how we roll over here when graduation and orientation are scheduled on the same day and the same time. Grrrr.
Standing outside the "big-kids" school. All ready for kindergarten!

Maddie finished third grade with a 95 average. Now she is on to fourth grade!

 My fourth grader...How did that happen?
We are in the process of having some work done on our house. More to come on that...once the work actually starts.

Aidan finished up his first year as a Rookie in baseball. Maddie finished up soccer and dance. She also bridged to Juniors in Girl Scouts.

Maddie and Ava after their dance recital. These girls...Love them.

Dean and Aidan in the dugout at their last game.

We have lots of summer time plans coming up. Maddie is off to the town camp, and she is also doing a one-week "extreme" camp which includes zip lining, mountain boarding, and archery. Aidan is off to Miss Lynne's for the summer, and he has some vacation bible school and another camp thrown in.

Bri and I are headed to Jamaica in a couple weeks to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. Wowsers. We haven 't had a trip like that since our honeymoon! No kids. Thanks to my wonderful in-laws for taking the little monsters. The countdown is on, and packing will begin shortly.

We are headed to Virginia in August for our family beach trip. This year, will be a bit smaller with just three families. Definitely looking forward to trying someplace new. However, I am a little fearful of the 9-hour car ride. GULP! Oh well. You only live once - right?

As for my running, I want to give it a big fat BOO. For some reason, I have never felt so unmotivated to run. I am still running, but I am having a tough time. I am not sure if it is the humidity, or if I have lost my ooomph. But I can't seem to find my running love. It better come back because I miss it.

Happy first day of summer!!!

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