Wednesday, July 2, 2014

June stats and what's on tap for July

June was a low mileage month for a multitude of reasons.
1. It got hot
2. It got humid
3. It was right after the Boston half - so I was taking some down time.
4. I was in the middle of end of year school stuff with the kids.

I finished off the month with 60 miles. I am hoping to ramp it up for July though. But, we will see. It is already not starting out so great with a mere 3.3 miles so far.  And it has been hot, hot, hot.

Meanwhile, it has been a circus over here.
Last week our AC died. As in - kaput. Dead. So in the middle of this heatwave, we had no air conditioning. So I was in the midst of getting estimates, and some people were telling me that it would take 2 weeks for the install to happen. Ummm. Two weeks was not going to work. No way. Fortunately we found someone with the right price and who we liked, and who was able to install it yesterday. Yay! Our house is now cool! Thank goodness for the small pleasures in life.

At the same time while the AC catastrophe was going on, we also have a construction going on in our backyard for a home improvement project. Meanwhile, we are leaving shortly for our trip to Jamaica so my house is overrun with suitcases, piles of clothing, and a hodge-podge of items, as I try  to pack the kids to go to my in-laws, and as I try to pack for myself and Brian.

Wowsers. So that's that. Life is crazy over here. I am looking forward to relaxing on a tropical beach and decompressing for the next week. And I plan to get some runs in on the beach. Ahhhh.
Happy Fourth!

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