Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer jumble

It was brought to my attention that I have not blogged since June 1st. Woops. Life kind of got away from me. What's been happening in my world?

1. School ended. The kids were out of school as of June 12th (which is SUPER early.) And I will admit they were driving me crazy every which way since camp didn't start until July 6th. Seriously. (This is the drawback of working from home and having my kids home too). They were fighting. Bickering. Telling me they were bored. And this is why kids need a routine. My kids cannot handle days and days of nothingness. They like to play with other kids.  They like to do things. Luckily they played with the neighbor kids. But still.  Our beach vacation couldn't come soon enough.

2. We went to Brigantine, NJ this year for our annual vacation. We rented a house with 3 other families and it was great. Except for the horseflies. Apparently Brigantine is known for their horsefly problem. Besides swatting flies away - it was a great week.

3. We got home from New Jersey. Two days later Brian tore his ACL and meniscus. Yup. He did. Playing soccer. So that means ... surgery. And that also means he is out of work for 3 weeks and he has a recovery period of 6-9 months. That also meant that our trip to Florida which was at the end of August was cancelled. Yup. His surgery is in 2 days. At this point I just want it done with so we can move on. Luckily Southwest will refund our flight since we have a doctor's note. (I love Southwest! Seriously. I do).

4. The kids have been at camp and having a ball. Swimming, field trips, coming home exhausted. They look like little beach bums. Aidan's hair has turned blonde and he looks like a California dude. Carefree and lots of fun - that's what summer should be for them.

5. In between all the ACL and camp fun, I have shopped for school supplies, Maddie has had ballet dance camp, we have babysat the neighbor's hamster for a month, and we have been working on school work. Aidan has been working on reading, and Maddie had a book to read this summer with a huge packet that went with it.  Oh...the fun.

6. Girl Scout Cookie camp is coming up next weekend. Although I am not sure what that means for me. I was supposed to go with Maddie, but now with Brian's surgery - I am not sure if I can go because I might be caring for him since he won't be able to walk. Luckily Maddie doesn't seem to care if I go. She will probably have more fun without me!

7. I attended my Study Abroad Reunion in Stamford, CT this past weekend. That was a blast. It was fun remembering our amazing times in Spain that happened 20 years ago!! In fact, I seriously considered getting on a plane and flying back to Spain. But, I didn't. I drove home to Albany.

8. Fun things coming down the pike: My college friend is getting married in October. So I have her shower and bachelorette party to look forward to. The wedding is in October - so Brian should be good and healed by then and able to hobble around at the wedding.

9. My running stats for July: I ran 104 miles. I have been keeping up with long runs on the weekend with some awesome running ladies. And let me tell you - those runs have been hard. It has been hot and humid. So we are out there pounding the pavement at 6 AM.

And that's a wrap. Hope your summer is fantastic. I will say the weather has been great! Just how summer should be. Hot and humid. I don't even want to think about the winter months that will soon be upon us. For now, I am just soaking in the heat.

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