Sunday, January 15, 2017

Coat refusal

My kids have coats. Lots of coats. Warm, winter coats that are puffy, and perfect for a cold winter day.

Yet, for some reason, one of my children has has decided to veto those warm coats. Even if it's 20 degrees out. My one child, (Maddie) argues about wearing those lovely, warm coats.

Is this too much to ask for my kid to dress like this everyday?? Apparently, it is.

This is what I hear on a typical morning:

"It's hot on the bus."
"I am not outside except to get on and off the bus, so I really don't need a coat."
"My big coat doesn't fit in my locker."
And my personal favorite:
"I have a high body temperature, and I am never, ever cold. EVER."

So... what's a mom to do?

I basically stopped trying to get her to wear her puffy coat. Instead, she wears a light, fleece jacket. And, then there is silence. No arguments.

It's like bliss people. Pure bliss! A quiet morning with no arguments. Why, yes please. I will take that every single morning.

We did give her a warning that if the bus ever broke down and she had to stand outside for whatever crazy reason, that she just kind of might be cold in 20 degree weather. But, wait. I forgot. My daughter has a "high body temperature, and she is never, ever cold. EVER."

So, I guess she will be fine. Because, you know. She does have a high body temperature. Somehow, she must of inherited that trait from the hot blooded relatives that I didn't know we have.

The coat argument is an argument that I just don't care to fight anymore. If she wants to freeze her little tushy off in her light-weight jacket - then so be it. And she will never admit to me if she is freezing. So, I win. She can suffer in silence.

WINNING, people! I am winning the coat argument!

The other day I realized that my daughter is not the only one that refuses to wear a coat.
I was volunteering on Friday night for 6th grade activity night and I happened to be working the door.

Let me tell you that 98 percent of those kids that entered the building on that cold chilly 25 degree night did not have a coat on!

What to the what???
It's true.
No coats.

And then it all made sense.
How did I not know that ALL the 6th graders are hot blooded. And never, ever cold. EVER.

Duh. It took me this long to figure that one out. But, now I know.

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