Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another Reason to love the patio

Welcome to summer. We have officially gone from the pleasant 60's and 70's to the 90's with terrible humidity. In fact we even had to turn the AC on today. Because of the hot weather we decided to drag out Maddie's little pool. The issue with the little pool is where to put it? If we put it in the grass - it kills it. If we put it on the driveway then it is in the front of the house and that looks kind of silly. But now we have the patio! So - it is a perfect place to put the pool. Maddie was so excited to have her little pool outside. She spent about 1 hour playing and she was especialy happy to put her bathing suit on! Then Daddy joined in the fun after some yardwork. Nothing like a refreshing dip in the baby pool!

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