Thursday, June 5, 2008

Topsoil and clothing

Today is a sad day. Brian's grandfather passed away and today is the wake and tomorrow is the funeral.
So -the inevitable question comes up - "What to wear?" Especially when you are 3 months pregnant and things are starting not to fit so well.
So - this led me to go on a shopping trip this morning. Of course - it is probably silly to shop for anything now because I know it won't fit in a matter of a few months. But - I needed something to wear - right?
So - I started off at Ann Taylor Loft. I had a gift card there. My mother told me that Ann Taylor is going out of business. Which -by the way-is not true. I asked the sales lady and she told me some stores are closing - but they are not going out of business. So - anyway - I went looking for a black skirt. I left the store with a shirt. Mission NOT accomplished.

Then I went to Kohl's. On my way to Kohl's Brian called me and asked me to pick up topsoil so he could plant some grass seed. WHAT? Doesn't he know I am looking for clothing? Topsoil is the last thing on my mind right now. Then he asked me when I would be home. Translation="HURRY UP!"

So this made me feel rushed. How is a girl supposed to shop when she is rushed - let alone a pregnant girl who is already feeling sensitive about her whale-like stomach, hips and legs? The answer to that is that it is physically and mentally impossible.

So - I run into Kohl's. Run over to their Vera Wang section. Which - by the way is totally cool that Vera Wang is at Kohl's. If you haven't been - check it out. Cute clothing. I grab some dresses. I run over to another section and grab some more dresses and run to the cash register where the line is literally 10 people deep. AGH! I am still rushing. I wait and wait and wait. Finally it is my turn. I pay.

I get in my car and contemplate not getting the topsoil. I rationalize this by thinking, "Does Brian really want to plant grass seed on the day we have to go to his grandfather's wake?" At the same time I get a phone call from a friend of mine who was pregnant with her 2nd baby and was due on the 31st. She delivered her baby 2 days late on the side of the road! Literally. They never made it to the hospital. So - mother and baby are fine. But she was calling me to warn me that the 2nd baby comes fast and make sure I get to the hospital right away. (Mental note to self: in 6 months when I am due - make sure I get to the hospital as soon as I feel any pain).

Anyway - I am still driving on the highway and still contemplating whether I really want to get topsoil. Maybe I can tell Brian that I forgot it. After all - I am pregnant and I do forget things a lot. But - my guilt gets the best of me and I go to Hewitt's and get the darn topsoil.

So - here I am - I should be in the shower and getting dressed and I still don't know what to wear. But - Brian did plant his grass seed!


felicepd said...

Who had her baby on the side of the road?!?!?! That is crazy. Definitely one of my worst nightmares.

Kurt M. said...

You're insane.