Wednesday, June 4, 2008

3 months pregnant

I was officially 12 weeks pregnant on Sunday. So - I guess that makes me 3 months.
That seems like NOTHING! Especially when I know the worst is yet to come. The weight gain, the big belly, the sleepless nights!

Anyway - I went to my 3 month appointment yesterday and my doctor couldn't find the heartbeat when she put the doppler on my belly. This is very typical when you are only 12 weeks - so I wasn't too worried. Just for verification she gave me an ultrasound.

This is the THIRD ultrasound I have had in 12 weeks. For those of you who don't know about pregnancy appointments - that is a LOT! Typically - you have 1 ultrasound at 7 weeks and another at 20 weeks and that is it. So - the fact that I have had 3 - in only 3 months - is kind of nuts. But -it is fun to see the baby and what the little bugger is doing in there. And no wonder my doctor couldn't find the heartbeat. The baby was in there jumping around and moving all over and kicking. There was no sitting still for this baby! I guess he/she takes after Mommy.

So - right away - she found the heartbeat and it was 170! Myth has it that the higher the # - then it is more likely to be a girl. But - as I said - that is a MYTH! Although - Maddie's was high my entire pregnancy and she is a girl. And Janis's has been low her entire pregnancy and she is having a boy. But we shall see! I think we can find out in mid-July.

Anyway - so everything was fine and I got another picture of the baby. All is well in baby land!

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