Monday, June 2, 2008

It's a Lonely Day in the Neighborhood

Today is June 2nd. One year ago on June 7th - Brian and I closed on our house. We didn't actually move in until July - but we have owned this house for 1 year. So - you would think that we have lots of friendly neighbors and everything is hunky dory.
Well - the sad thing is that I have no friends in this neighborhood. None. Zilch. Zero.

This is hard for me to swallow since our old neighborhood was fantastic. Our former next door neighbors had 4 kids and we saw them daily. The kids ran back and forth between the houses and everything was great.

So - anyway - we move to this fantastic new house - that we love. I mean - don't get me wrong. I love our house and I am so happy here. But - I feel a void. Something is missing. I miss having that neighborly companionship. Brian says that we have enough friends and who cares if we don't have any friendly neighbors! I do agree to an extent. We have a lot of friends. We have busy lives. But - it would be nice to have friendly people to take a walk with, or to run across the street and borrow an egg.

I think part of the problem is that we are situated in a corner. We are set apart from the rest of the neighborhood. We have people directly across the street and I have talked to them a few times - but not enough to warrant anything major. Then we have our next door neighbors who we barely know. The lady has talked to me once and the husband has talked to Brian once. They have a cute, white dog - Harley. He often comes to visit.

So - I was walking our own dog tonight and I decided that I almost hate to walk in my neighborhood alone. It makes me feel lonely. The strange part about it -is that I see kids all over. So -I know the friendliness must be there somewhere. I guess it just takes time. I also think Brian and I are one of the younger families in the neighborhood. All the kids are 6 years and older. I don't often see any kids Maddie's age. So - maybe in 2 years when Maddie starts kindergarten - then I will make some friends!


The Graziano Family said...

It'll come, I'm sure!

Maybe if you become a "waver" then they will follow suit.

felicepd said...

Aww! You can come over here and walk in my neighborhood! Although, the hills are killers.

I agree with Janis. Wave and they will wave back. I'm proof of that -- I was friendly with everyone here and now people wave to me and chat all the time.