Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bundt Pans

I made a cake today. I have to attend a Jr. League event tonight and originally I was going to bring cupcakes. However, I didn't have any cupcake holders - so I resorted to making a bundt cake. I hestiated doing this because sometimes after the cake is baked and you turn it upside down - it doesn't always come out evenly.
However -I greased the pan really well and to my surprise it came out perfect!

The other reason I hesitated using the bundt pan was because it is a pain in the %$#&* to clean.
There are so many grooves and ridges and it is quite annoying.

Anyway - I made my cake. It is frosted and ready to go and I cleaned my bundt pan. So -all is well in the land of baking and bundt pans.

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