Sunday, June 15, 2008

Maddie and Bailey

Last night we went over to Kurt and Rena's house. I haven't been there in a long time and Kurt has spent the last year working on their house and renovating it. We got the grand tour and everything looked gorgeous! Kurt and Rena also have a new addition to their family. They have a 6 month old puppy named Bailey. Bailey is a male black lab and he is quite adorable.

Maddie has a great love of dogs - so I thought she would be quite taken with Bailey. However -I was wrong. The night went something like this:

First 20 minutes - Maddie insisted that Daddy carry her around the house and she refused to talk or look at anyone.

Next 3o minutes- Maddie spent time telling Bailey to "sit", "lay down" and "NO".

Next 30 minutes - Maddie spent time tormenting Bailey with her ballerina Barbie doll. Bailey was quite taken with this doll. I think he thought that Barbie was a hottie. He wanted that doll and kept stalking Barbie. Mommy finally had to put Barbie safely away in Maddie's backpack.

Next 20 minutes - Kurt and Rena put Bailey outside on the deck while we ate dinner. Maddie decided it would be fun to go over to the screen door and talk to Bailey and tease him. Bailey kept looking in and whining a bit and Maddie thought this was very funny. Then she told us that Bailey should come back inside.

Next 30 minutes - Maddie was eating some chips. Bailey sat next to Maddie beneath her chair and cocked his head and kept looking at her with his cute big brown eyes. Maddie ignored him for the most part until she glanced over at him and pronounced to everyone - "Bailey is dripping!" We all looked at Bailey who was salivating profusley because he was dying for a chip! Rena started laughing and started feeding him chips just so he would stop his drooling. Did I mention that Bailey likes food?

Last 30 minutes - Maddie being 3 - decided that it would be fun to run back and forth between the living room and the kitchen. Bailey being a puppy decided it would be fun to chase Maddie because he loves to run and he thought Maddie was playing. You think Maddie would have learned NOT to run. However - she kept doing it and Bailey kept chasing her and Maddie was terrified and kept running to me for safety. Kurt kept yelling at Bailey.

Last 10 minutes - Maddie sat in the safety of Daddy's lap and when it was time to go - she lovingly said, "Bye-bye Bailey" like they had been best friends all along!

I think Bailey had enough tormenting and teasing for one night! That is what you get when you put a puppy and a toddler together for a few hours!


The Graziano Family said...

Even after all of that I bet Maddie will be talking about Bailey all day today! Next visit should be golden!

The Graziano Family said...

Did you really publish this post at 4:58 am?

Restless Leg Syndrome again???