Friday, June 27, 2008

Say Yes to the Dress

I have discovered a new show on TLC. It is called "Say Yes to the Dress". The premise of the show is basically about this fancy bridal shop in NYC and how the bridal consultants have appointments with different brides who are shopping for wedding dresses. It is actually really good and I totally get sucked in looking at the bridal dresses. Plus - I like to see what dress they actually end up with.
Anyway - if you are looking for a show to watch - and you like weddings - then check it out!

And that is all I have to report for today.

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Anonymous said...

Tonight -- just tonight -- I got sucked in, too! How funny!!!

I'd never seen it before. But, Owen isn't home so I was doing stuff in the kitchen and I turned on TLC and couldn't turn away. Until I had to because I needed to give Conal a bath and put him to bed.