Monday, June 16, 2008


Maddie had a full-blown out temper tantrum tonight. It all started because she fell asleep in the car on the way home from Renie's house.

So - when she got home and woke up she was very cranky. She refused to eat her dinner and then it was bath time. I did the dishes while Brian started the bath. All of a sudden, I heard howls and cries from the 2nd floor. I went upstairs and Maddie was screaming, "Mommy - I don't want bubbles in the bath!" So I looked at Brian and he told me that she had asked for them and now she was claiming that she didn't want them.

That is the funny thing with toddlers. One minute they want something and the next minute they don't. They say they want it and then if you give it to them they throw a fit. It is quite puzzling.

Anyway, Brian put her in the bath and for the next 10 minutes - Maddie screamed and cried and was very upset that the big bad bubbles were in the tub with her. The crying went on and on until finally bathtime was over. We then went into her room and I took over thinking I could calm her down. That was a big mistake. She kicked and screamed and refused to put her pajamas on and Big Bad Daddy had to take over and put her pajamas on.

We then tucked her in and said good night. The clock said 6:42 PM. She never goes to bed that early. But - this was a rare circumstance. Clearly the child was exhausted.

Fast forward 30 minutes. The clock read 7:14. I hear Maddie at the top of the stairs saying, "Mommy - I need to brush my teeth!" I had to chuckle. The kid could be having a tantrum and exhausted beyond belief - but she still knows she needs to brush her teeth! I love the "three's". They are so much fun!! (Most of the time).....

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