Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Vacation Tasks

As most of you know - we leave for vacation soon. Tonight the girls are doing a shopping trip. Grocery stores on the Jersey shore are VERY expensive. So this year we decided to buy the dry goods before we leave so we can save some money. We have a store list and we have all the meals planned out - so I think we are pretty well organized.

Anyway - tomorrow is Wednesday and I have to go to Binghamton for work. I am leaving my house at 6:15 in the morning. Needless to say, it is going to be a long day.

That leaves us with Thursday and Friday. Brian still needs to cut the lawn. There is laundry to be done, and the house needs to be cleaned. (I am one of those weird people that needs to make sure the sheets are clean and the towels are clean before I go away. After all - I like to come home to clean sheets and towels and a clean house!)

I guess Friday night Brian will pack the car. He still needs to put the car top carrier on the car and I think he will do that Thursday night. The one thing that I do have done is that I have Maddie's suitcase packed. So - at least she is done. As for myself - I am definitely trying to tone down what I bring. I find that you spend most of the day in a bathing suit and then only a few hours in normal clothing. So - I want to be a light packer this year.

Oh - and on Friday I need to drop Gracie off at the dog sitter. Gracie goes to a great lady that dog sits in her house. We call it "doggy vacation." I think Gracie loves going there. She has other dogs to play with and the dog sitter takes good care of her. I guess we could put Gracie in a kennel. However - Gracie has never been boarded. She is 5 years old and during the first 2 years the breeder took her when we went away. Then after a while, I found this new dog sitter and she is so great! So - I feel lucky that Gracie is staying in a home and not a kennel for 8 days.

So - that leaves us up to Saturday. That is my busy week in a nutshell!

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