Thursday, July 10, 2008

To find out or not to find out

First off - let me preface this by saying that we are definitely going to find out the sex of the baby. We have our ultrasound scheduled for July 31st.

Now - that being said - I am going to tell you that I have mixed feelings about it. I mean - don't get me wrong. I am DYING to know. But - about 5% of me is feeling nostalgic for how we did NOT know with Maddie. Most of the population finds out the sex of their baby. No one can wait. I mean - what is the point. Why wait when we can find out?

When I was pregnant with Maddie - Brian and I were adamant about NOT knowing. And I wouldn't have done it any other way. I loved not knowing. It was fun to guess and it made labor more bearable knowing that I had to push that baby out if I was ever going to find out the sex. Plus - Brian had the joy of going out to the waiting room and telling his family, "It's a girl!" I bet that was exciting. I would have loved to be there to do it. I mean - I was there. But - I was in the hospital bed. And I was definitely NOT able to walk in the waiting room and let his family know with him. He had that glorious moment.

Anyway - I always thought that the 2nd time around we would just not find out again. However, ever since becoming pregnant - I have realized that there is no way that I cannot NOT find out. I need to know. I thought Brian might be against finding out. But to my surprise- he said he could go either way with the situation.

My reasons for finding out this time are numerous. One of the reasons is to to prepare Maddie. I want to mentally prepare her that she is going to have a sister or a brother. Plus - we need to repaint the room which will be the nursery. So - we might as well do it in the boy color or the girl color. And the other reason is if it is a boy then I can start getting rid of Maddie's girl clothing. So - my reasons are practical. Right?

Okay - I admit it. The main reason is because I simply cannot wait until I give birth! I must know now!

I just know that with my luck - the baby will have its legs crossed and not cooperate and then I will be forced to wait. Wouldn't that be a laugh?

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