Friday, January 29, 2010

Birthday Parties

Even though Maddie's birthday is still a few months away - I have already started thinking about it. This happens because my friend Janis starts thinking about her daughter's birthday which falls in March. So - inevitably - I start thinking about Maddie's.

Anyway - this year is a big one. It's Maddie's 5th birthday. I think that is a special milestone. In the past - we have always had parties at home. I have never done a party at any place like Jeepers, Tumbling Tykes, Hoffman's, etc. Since her birthday is on Memorial Day weekend, it usually works out that the weather is nice and we have a big party in our backyard.

However -this year I am debating if we should do a special birthday somewhere else. Snippet's in Clifton Park has a "Glamour Girl" party. The girls go and get their hair and nails done and then walk the "red carpet." Tiny Tots Tea Room has a princess party where the girls are treated to special treats, and dress up like princesses and get the royal treatment. Sounds adorable - right?

The thing that I get stuck on is the price. Tiny Tots Tea Room charges $295 for the Princess Party and that is only for 8 girls. If you want to invite more girls - it's $25 extra PER GIRL! Isn't that nuts? Snippet's charges $250 for 8 girls.

I think that is a lot of money. Of course, maybe I just haven't been in the land of birthday parties long enough to know that this is the going rate. But - it just seems like a ton of money for 2 hours of fun.

We shall see what happens. Regardless, I can't see myself spending $300 for a party. My frugal side is just way too practical for that.

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Kelly said...

Children's Museum in Saratoga is relatively inexpensive.

If it's nice outside do a pirate and princess party in your backyard. We did that for my son who's birhday is in September, treasure hunt, girls in tutus & wings. {I know of a place to get tutus & wings REALLY inexpensive}
Check out for cool ideas too.
She's got a dress up tea party on there that's amazing.