Friday, February 26, 2010

Clothes Mentor

Did you know about this cool place in Albany? It's called Clothes Mentor. It's pretty cool. I checked it out recently and I was very impressed. It's basically a consigment store for adults. It has tons and tons of gently used clothing in excellent condition.

As I browsed through the aisles, I was happy to see brands such as Ann Taylor, Gap, Old Navy, H&M and Talbots. The selection was great. They had rows and rows of jeans, pants, dresses, skirts and shirts. They even had a maternity section, and a plus-size section. I was amazed to see purses - such as Vera Bradley and Coach.

I left the store with a pair of Banana Republic ($22). Normally their jeans run about $90. So - $22 was a steal! I also found a cute pair of black pants from the Limited and a cute satchel purse for $10. I even made some money because I sold some of my own clothing. (They pay you cash on the spot if they accept your clothing.)

I would check it out. I know I will definitely go back. You can't beat the prices and the clothing was ultra cute!


gmosully said...

I wanted to check this place out! Going to wait until the spring and hopefully find myself some good warm weather stuff.

Jessica said...

I shop clearance racks and consignment shops only. Liven them!