Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Consigning Tips

The Pass It On Consignment Sale is quickly approaching. (Okay, I know we have until mid-March - but I like to plan ahead and get organized). When I tell people that I consign a few times a year, I often get a variety of comments. They vary - but the basic gist is this:
  • How do you have time to do that?
  • That seems like a lot of work.
  • I can't be bothered.
  • I just donate my kids stuff.
  • I am too disorganized to consign.

The truth is that consigning is not hard. Yes, it takes a little time and a little bit of organization - but with these tips - anyone can do it.

Find a designated spot in your house that you can hang stuff and make that your special consignment place. My consignment place is in an unfinished part of my basement and I happen to have a long rack where I can hang clothing. As soon as one of my kids grows out of something, I immediately hang it on a wire hanger and bring it down to the basement and hang it on my special consignment rack. (I keep a stack of wire hangers on hand as most consignment sales require you to hang everything using the wire hangers.)

Hanging everything immediately elimates going through tons of clothing once the sale comes around. There is no rifling through drawers or plunging through closets a week before the sale because I have been hanging it all year-round whenever my kids are "done" with that piece of clothing. As I hang the clothing, I organize everything by boy or girl clothing and then I put it in order by size. Since all the clothing is hanging on the rack - this is easy to do. It just makes it that much easier to enter on the computer when the time comes.

Once registration opens for the consignment sale, I will start entering my items. Again, this will save me from entering things at the last minute. Since all the clothing has been hung and is organized by size and sex - it is very simple. I just breeze through the entering process. As it gets closer to the sale - I might add more - but the bulk of entering is mostly done.

A little preparation and staying on top of things throughout the year will help consigning go a lot easier. Anyone can do it. It's fun. You make money.

My personal favorite part is that you get rid of stuff! And to me, that's priceless.

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