Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Running Shoes

I am taking this running thing seriously. If I am going to run - then I am going to have proper running shoes. Per the advice of Felice, I went to a store called Fleet Feet. They are a cool little store on Wolf Road and they actually measure your feet and videotape how you run on a treadmill so you can buy the proper running shoe.

I went into Fleet Feet and this nice young guy took care of me. He measured my feet and told me my size and then he brought me over to the treadmill and watched me run. He used all sorts of cool words that I had NEVER heard of - like "pronation" and "supination." I just nodded as he talked and pretended that I knew what he was talking about. Based on my measurements and my high arches and how I ran, he told me that I needed a "neutral" running shoe. Okay. Sounds simple enough.

He brought out 3 different types of shoes and I tried them on. It turned out that the Brooks running shoe was very comfortable and perfect for me! I was very excited. These shoes would be the window to my running world. They would make me sleek, cool and super fast! I was so excited. That is until he told me the price. I almost had a heart attack when he told me that they were $125. Seriously??? I will fork over $50 or $60 for running shoes. But - I will NEVER pay $125. Never. I am just too practical for that. I felt kind of bad when I left and didn't buy anything there. I mean, after all, the guy measured my feet. I felt like I owed him something after he saw my bare feet. But, alas. I left Fleet Feet empty-handed.

I was kind of bummed out. I really liked those Brooks. I wanted them. I went to Running and checked out their deals. They had decent prices - but no Brooks running shoes in my size. Then, recently I happened to stop into Dick's Sporting Goods. Wouldn't you know - they had the EXACT same shoe that I tried on at Fleet Feet and they were $60! Are you kidding me??? How did I get so lucky? What are the chances of that? The sales guy told me that they were last year's model and that is why they were on sale. Whatever. I grabbed them and paid.

Now, I am ready. I will be super cool and super fast in my awesome, new running shoes.

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