Monday, March 29, 2010


We decided to hook up to city water. We found someone who actually brings the water to our house AND does the indoor plumbing part. We checked his references and he had rave reviews.
We signed a contract, sent the deposit and I even went to the town to pay my $318 to get the permit and the meter.

Meanwhile, the cable, gas and electric company have all come to our house and sprayed and marked where the underground wires are so that nothing is disturbed when the digging begins. Our lawn looks very patriotic with flags of every color scattered all over.

And now we wait. I spoke to the contractor today and he said that he doesn't want to start the job until it is completely dry outside. Since the forecast calls for rain for the next 3 days, he told me that if he starts digging now - it will just make a complete muddy mess of our front lawn. UGH! So now - he said it would be done next week.

I really don't like waiting. I want the city water. And I want it now.

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