Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy weekend

We have a busy weekend coming up.

Saturday, Maddie has her dance pictures. This means that she will have to dress up in her VERY yellow dance costume and that I will have to do something fancy smancy with her hair. I am not so great with doing Maddie's hair. But - luckily I have some cute barettes with a yellow flower on them and I hope that they will be my saving grace to making her hair look halfway decent.

Saturday night we have dine around at the Graziano's.

Sunday we have a BBQ to go to.

In between all that, we are dog sitting for Molly and Sam again. Remember the cute little dogs that we watched back in February? Well - they are back! They are so cute.

Meanwhile, next week, Maddie has her kindergarten screening next week. She will meet the teachers and see the school and she also takes a bus ride. Cute - huh?

And that's it for now. Happy almost-weekend!

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