Friday, April 9, 2010

Just ask and you shall save

I saved some money this week. We all know that I love saving money.

It really wasn't a big deal and I should probably rephrase my first sentence.
I saved my employer some money this week.

I have a storage unit that houses all of my work stuff - like promo items, T-shirts, and other fun SilverSneakers items. I have had this storage unit for years. Last week they sent me a notice of a rental increase. It was only a $5 increase per month. But - hey. That adds up - right?

My boss suggested that I call and try to negotiate this increase. So I did. I told them that I had been with them for years and I wasn't going anywhere anytime soon - so could they please not raise the rate. The property manager said yes. She left my rate at the current amount. I was happy and I saved some money for my company.

The moral of the story is that you don't have to always accept a rate increase. Fight it. Negotiate it. Just ask. It can't hurt - right?

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