Saturday, April 24, 2010

Manual Labor

There was some serious manual labor going on here today at the Graber household. Yup. It was time to start dealing with the mound of dirt and rocks that is on our front lawn from when we hooked up to the city water. Thankfully, our friend Chet, let us borrow his trailer that hooks on to the tractor so that Brian could actually "drive" the loads of dirt to the woods. Otherwise, he would have been wheelbarrowing it and that just would have been really bad.

Anyway - about 20 minutes into the project, Brian came inside and said that there was no way he could do it. The dirt was packed down so much -that it was virutally impossible to shovel the dirt into the trailer. He then claimed he needed a pick-axe to loosen up the dirt. Off he went to Home Depot and returned with a pick-axe, a new shovel and some potato chips. (Nothing like chips for energy - right?)

The pick-axe was the key. He started making some serious headway. Still, it took a long time and he is only half-way done. He was out there for about 4 hours today with his little helper - Maddie. What a trooper she was. She stayed out there the entire time with Brian and actually worked her little butt off. She will sleep well tonight.

Here are some pictures to mark the progress.

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