Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I should have run today. But I didn't. It's damp, gray and drizzly outside. I feel like such a slacker. Excuse me. Let me go and stuff some more cookies in my mouth...
Okay. I'm back.

A colleague of mine went to China last week to run a half marathon. She is back now and posted a video on her facebook page. I spent the time and looked at all her photos and suddenly, I felt the urge to run a half marathon. In China! Right now! Ha. That won't happen. However, I still felt the urge. It looked so amazing. She inspired me.

After viewing her video, I was talking to Cortney - my BFF about running a half marathon. She suggested that we run somewhere in the United States for our 40th birthdays and then sit our butts on the beach after we are done. Doesn't that sound good? Since we have four years to plan this - there is no sense of urgency. However, I really would love to do that. I am thinking San Diego, Miami or some other state that has a beach and sunny skies.

We will run. We will celebrate turning 40. And we will do it far away from where we live.
Sound good? It's a plan.

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