Saturday, May 22, 2010

Spur of the moment plans

We made spur of the moment plans with our friends Meghan and Doug. Literally. I emailed Meghan on Thursday afternoon, and wrote, "Do you guys have plans on Friday?"

She wrote back that they were available. So - we were off and running with a Friday pizza night. Meghan and Doug came over and Maddie and Ellie (who is 3) played and played and played. Aidan and Saige (8 months) kind of flirted back and forth, and I think in the end they ended up having a slight crush on each other! Aidan was quite the gentleman letting Saige drive the car. Meghan and I realized that Aidan and Saige will actually be in the same grade (even though they are 9 months apart). We joked that they might go to the prom together!
Meanwhile, Maddie and Ellie played in the swingset fort and had a ball.
It was great catching up with Meghan and Doug. Sometimes, spur of the moment plans are the best!!

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